Drop Bags

Runners may have drop bags (clearly marked with runner's name, bib #, and applicable aid station) for personal needs at the designated drop bag aid stations (eg, Sunrise 1/2, Pioneer Mail 1/2, Red Tail Roost, Penny Pines 2, and Chambers 2). Drop bags are restricted in size to the equivalent of of a large shoe box (strictly enforced). All bags need to be durable, water proof, and secure. Your drop bags must be placed in the applicable aid station containers at the start area (Lake Cuyamaca) no later than 5:15 am race morning. Any bags that exceed the size limitations will not be accepted or transported.

For those aid stations that are transited twice (Chambers 1&2, Pioneer Mail 1&2, Sunrise 1&2), Penny Pines 1&2; use only one drop bag for both passes). Drop bags will be returned to Lake Cuyamaca after the applicable aid station closes. Unclaimed drop bags will not be mailed back to entrants, so PLEASE pick up your drop bags prior to leaving the venue. Unclaimed drop bag clothing and gear will be donated to charity.

If you decide to withdraw, or finish the race prior to the drop bags being returned to Lake Cuyamaca, you or your crew can drive to the applicable aid station if it is still open and claim the bag that way.