Crew and Pacers

Crews are only allowed to meet runners at the following designated aid stations: Sunrise 1, Pioneer Mail 1, Red Tail Roost, Meadows, Penny Pines 2, Pioneer Mail 2, Sunrise 2, and Chambers 2. Crews who stop to meet their runner at other than crew access aid stations jeopardize disqualification of their runner.

Download the crew driving direction .doc document.

Crews are asked to obey all parking restrictions and must have an Adventure Pass displayed in their vehicle windshield for parking in the Cleveland National Forest. Cleveland National Forest aid stations are: Pioneer Mail, Penny Pines, Red Tail Roost, and Meadows. Day Adventure Passes can be purchased in Pine Valley at the Mart or at the Mt Laguna Store for $5.00.

Entrants are highly encouraged to have an accompanying safety pacer with them for the night section of their race. Pacers are allowed to accompany a runner (one pacer at a time) beginning at mile 51.1 (Meadows Aid Station). Runners are only permitted to change pacers at aid station locations. Pacers are entitled to use all the aid and resources at aid stations but are not allowed to carry (mule) or physically assist their runner. Pacers accompany their runner for safety and companionship, not to lighten the load or run ahead of the runner to get supplies in advance of aid station arrival. Pacers must check in and out of each aid station along with their runner so course monitors know they are on the course.

Dropping out of the race: If a runner drops from the race for any reason, it is the runner's responsibility to personally notify the nearest aid station captain that he or she is withdrawing from the race. The runner is also required to physically remove and give their race bib to the aid station captain. Failure to notify an aid station that you are out of the race and failure to turn in your bib # may result in costly search and rescue measures ($6000)to be borne by the runner.